What You Need To Know Before You Apply for a Visa to the USA


There are far too many factors that could lead to an ESTA or Visa denial. Getting into foreign territories as severely rule-laden like the USA, you need to walk in with a clearer mindset about the process.

With the right knowledge and support getting a Visa or ESTA gets relatively easier. The only warning that comes with applying for a Visa or ESTA is to avoid a denial. A denial is hard to undo.

ESTA USA is basically a travel authorization program that is a mandatory requirement set by the government for those who wish to travel to the United States of America.

What Are the Requirements for You to Get a Visa

Here is all that you need to aid your Visa relatively faster and to get stay away from a denied.

  • The most important step when you are getting started with a Visa application is to get all your documents in place.
  • Getting a visa is easier if you have a relatively new passport. An older passport may not fetch you a visa comparatively faster.
  • You must possess a valid ID proof that has your picture as well.
  • You must have details of most recent employment information
  • You must have an authentic bank card or credit card (if you owned one).

Who is Eligible for ESTA Application?

For using the Electronic System for Travel Authorization USA (ESTA USA), it is necessary to be a citizen of the nation that is a part of the VWP program.

Other criteria include the below pointers:

  • The person wishing to apply for ESTA needs to have an expected travel duration of fewer than 90 days or less in the US.
  • The person must have no prior record of ESTA rejection, visa rejection, or other types of ban from entering the US soil.
  • You can enter the USA without a visa using an ESTA only in case your travel is for less than 90 days.

What Disqualifies You From A Visa?

  • If the person is not from a nation that is a participant of the VWP program signed with the US
  • If you already any other form of visa like a Visitor’s Visa.

This means that only 38 nations’ residents can apply for an ESTA USA. People from other nations have to mandatorily go for the regular visa to enter the US.

Parting thoughts

we understand that getting a visa may be difficult, but not impossible if you are thorough about the procedure. It may not affect the overall process or delay it to your inconvenience if you are well-versed with procedural knowledge before applying or read more here.

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