This Is Why Your Business Should Care About Online Google Reviews

With the growing influence of digitization all over the globe, having a good business presence online is pivotal to the success of your brand. And though there is a lot of data to back this claim, it is important to understand Google reviews and why they are important.

How Google Reviews Help

Google reviews allow customers to get as much “Reliable” information about a place as possible. With the growing surge of Researching before you get the product or service, people are turning to reviews as the most reliable source of research.

Studies suggest that positive reviews on your website would earn you a higher conversion rate than only local SEO effort. They further suggest that as much as 88% of all consumers would now trust an online review as they would trust a personal recommendation. Though it cannot be ruled out, that fake Google reviews do exist, and not all know that online reviews cannot be trusted blindly.

Now that you understand Google reviews and its importance, here is how you can get those to help your business:

Tips On How to Use Reviews for Your Business

1. Promote Your Brand’s Page across Social Channels.

You need to understand that your audiences have preferences. They may not be on all the sites, and hence you need to have a social presence on as many sites as possible. Having a verified page gets you more clarity.

You also would have to let your audiences know about your sites presence across other sites and hint them to drop a review whenever they come across your posts. This rule out the chances of Fake Google reviews.

2. Include CTAs On Your Website.

When you include a call-to-action button, you instil in the minds of your audience that you are not shying away from reaching out. Interacting with your audience helps generate natural reviews and weed out the possibility of fake Google Reviews.

3. Signing It.

Usually, getting your customers to sign in customers to write a review is at the end of the deal, which is the point of sale. So if you happen to run a restaurant, you would have to put that up in your menu card, for that would serve as the point of sale.

You could even incentivise the review process by offering interesting discounts, or give in cross-platform bonuses like offering discounts if they sign up on Facebook and follow your page there. This would keep you from having to buy fake Facebook reviews, which earns your page a bad reputation in the long run.

In conclusion

Following these strategies will help your brand’s online presence get the most out of online Google reviews. Reviews essentially are reflections of your brand’s service, and an honest front you can put up to earn your customer’s trust.

In order to put the best foot forward, make sure that you offer the best service, and the praises will flow in naturally.

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